Thursday, February 26, 2009

Saluda, NC

Some of our very dear friends from St. Augustine moved to Saluda, NC about the same time we moved to Juneau, AK. We hadn't seen them in over two years. I would say they are my benefactors -- they have purchased several of my paintings and have always encouraged me to become a famous painter. They live up in the mountains of NC. We went on a much needed and beautiful hike to a distant waterfall. We caught up on time passed and plans or lack of them for the near future. We ate amazing food, drank delicious wine. It was wonderful to be able to catch up and experience a part of this grand country I had never seen.

Charleston, SC

We got into Charleston later than planned due to a "quick" detour to Savannah, GA, that took much longer than we expected. We checked into a hotel outside of town, rested a bit, ate food, and made it downtown just before dark. It is a beautiful city! It was cold (in the 30's). We walked along the waterfront and watched the sunset, then chose to drive around a bit because someone didn't wear their long-johns (Ken). We instantly liked Charleston. We woke up the next morning, got coffee, walked, and drove around before we headed to our friends' house in Saluda, NC.

Monday, February 23, 2009

On the move

We are leaving this morning for Charleston, SC. Many people have responded to our query of where to live with "Oh you should go to Charleston ... I love Charleston!" So today we are going to see what the fuss is about. I have never been there. I am excited to discover a fresh place to consider. It's a city near the water that has character. Sounds great!

It is strawberry season here in Florida and they are lovely and delicious! (picture above)

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Oldest City

Here are a few pictures of St. Augustine. It's quaint and full of character. 
Flagler College (two above images)
Castillo de San Marcos - "The Fort"
St. George Street

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our time in Tampa, Florida

We spent several days in Tampa. The pictures above were taken on Super Bowl Sunday. We walked around downtown Tampa with my dad before going to our friends' house for an Olympic/Super Bowl party. The Olympic half of the party included Corn hole, Beer Pong, and random luck based on what cars drove down the street. What a great time. The Super Bowl being held in Tampa was an added bonus. 

We spent six nights in Tampa with our wonderful friends Kim & Jason. By day we looked for cars and jobs. By night we ate, drank beer, and listened to music. Tampa is a beautiful place. 

We learned a lot about buying cars and finally purchased one on Tuesday. We got a 2003 Toyota Camry. So far it's been a great car. Wednesday we woke up early and headed back to St. Augustine, where we are staying with another wonderful friend I use to work with at San Sebastian Winery

Last weekend visiting St. Augustine with my dad was a great time. Catching up with old friends and seeing old sites. We remembered how much we liked it here. So now we're back in North Florida looking for jobs and career opportunities. 

Friday, February 13, 2009

St. Augustine for the weekend

As promised the above picture is of the Sunshine Sky way. It's an amazing bridge that connects St. Pete to the Southwest coast of FL.

This weekend we are off to St. Augustine. My college town & the town where Ken & I met. (See map several posts back) We look forward to seeing our old house, the college, and dear friends. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Visiting St. Pete

I'm a bit behind. Saturday morning we went to St. Petersburg. What a beautiful city! Small, colorful, and quaint. We walked around a waterfront park and watched dolphins splish-splashing in the sun glazed water. We ate at a delicious resturant that I can't remember the name of. Then we drove over the sunshine skyway (pictures in next post) to Bradenton to visit friends.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just after sunset

Ken and I drove to the beach yesterday. We missed the actual setting of the sun but caught the last few minutes of peach colored twilight. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter Contrasts

Since I arrived in the Tampa area it has been cold, windy, and it even rained a few inches. This weather is the kind of weather that if you live in Florida you stay in and bundle up. The above picture is one of the coldest days we have experienced a temperature in the 50's.

It is such a contrast from Juneau. The below picture would be considered a beautiful winter day because if you look closely you can see a small patch of blue sky (a sucker hole). The temperature would be in the 30's you would bundle up and go out and enjoy the little bit of light before dark at 4 P.M.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blue Sky

There is nothing like a wide open blue sky. I have been in the Tampa area for one week today. The weather has been cool and sometimes rainy. Yesterday morning Ken and I drove around the beaches and Bel Air. The weather was classic Florida winter clear and 60 degrees.