Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What a day!

We started our day frantically cleaning to have everything in order for our 11:30 Realtor walk-through the door bell rings at 10:30 and a stream of Realtors check out our sort of empty, sort of clean house. We weren't supposed to be here...whoops. So we decide to go to Barnes & Noble where we met Justin & Kati and discussed what to do if one is confronted by a bear? We moved the bear debate to the Casa Monica where Laura and I had made plans for lunch. It was a great lunch and I look forward to getting the new Apple ipod phone pda/bear tranquillizer that should be on shelves next Christmas "The Alaskan". On our way home a realtor called to let Ken know they were bringing people by today at 5:00 so I cleaned and showered to be out of the house before they arrived and as I am drying my hair (half dressed) I hear people...hello, anyone there...AAGH it's only 3:00! I dressed quickly and stood sheepishly in the corner while strangers wondered around. I am glad I won't be here for the viewing process it is awkward.

Our replacement winter gear arrived today I am going to rock Alaska with my new -30 degree winter boots and my sea breeze colored windproof fleece.

Monday, December 18, 2006

An empty home full of friends

We cleared our first house of all of it's furniture and this morning we filled it with loving friends. We lured them in with Bagelicious bagels...ummm...hot coffee, and Florida orange juice. They gave us more great memories to take with us on our adventure. I now sit in a very quite empty room procrastinating scrubbing the bathroom floor. We have a group of Realtors coming by tomorrow to grade out house...I hope we pass.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Juneau, Alaska
St. Augustine, Florida

We are moving

We had our first garage sale yesterday, it was fun yet we still have tons of stuff. Our winter coats arrived on Friday however Ken's didn't fit. I am very pleased with mine I have only been able to wear it for five minutes by the end of the five minutes I am sweating...this tells me it's going to be great in Alaska. The guy at Backcountry told me I could jump in a river get out and I would still be dry...WOW!